Civil Litigation

Tennessee Spoliation of Evidence – Intentionality and Prejudice

The doctrine of spoliation of evidence can cause major problems for both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation. Often times, months or years pass before the defendant is notified of a claim. As a result, defendants may have no notice that there is a duty...

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LOOK OUT! Those Cars with the Pink Mustache May Not Have Insurance Coverage

Have you seen those cars around town with a pink mustache? The drivers of those cars are apparently associated with companies such as Lyft, Uber, and/or others. Through the use of a mobile app installed on a smartphone, rides may be provided to those who...

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Duty to Provide Security: General and Specific Threat of Third Party Criminal Conduct

The Tennessee Court of Appeals has penned a new decision addressing the duty of a bar to protect its patrons from the foreseeable criminal acts of third parties. The case name is Nicole Goeser, et al., v. Live Holdings Corporation, et al., (No. M2012-01241-COA-R3-CV; September...

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