Uninsured Motorist

Uninsured Motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) bodily injury cases are similar but not identical to regular vehicle lawsuits. The attorneys at Brewer Krause Brooks Chastain & Meisner, PLLC who handle these matters have decades of experience and know the difference. We understand in these cases the attorney is defending the insurance carrier, which has a duty to deal with its insured in good faith. The relationship between the insured and the insurance carrier is defined by both the policy of insurance and Tennessee’s UM/UIM statute. Tennessee does not follow the majority of states in its interpretation of UM/UIM law so experience in handling Tennessee UM claims is essential. Our attorneys also have experience handling cases where the policy was issued in a state other than Tennessee, which requires application of the law of the issuing state. This can lead to a significantly different result and requires an entirely different defense strategy.

We focus on the carrier’s exposure, ensuring we identify all possible set offs and credits. A keen understanding of the law and policy provisions allows us to develop a strategy which minimizes defense costs and keeps them in proportion to the carrier’s exposure. Our attorneys know when the circumstances require a proactive defense strategy and when the circumstances dictate it is preferable to take a backseat and let the insured and tortfeasor reach a settlement.