International Adoptions

Adoptions provide an opportunity to transform the life of a child. Adopting internationally extends that opportunity worldwide. Member Glen Krause and his wife experienced this opportunity first-hand having adopted their daughter from Russia. A quote which sums up best the meaning of the process is: “I have two children. One is adopted. I forget which one.”

Having gone through the tribulations of the international adoption process, Mr. Krause understands the issues often confronted by adoptive families upon their return to the United States; and a variety of international adoption related legal services are offered in areas such as:

• Clarification of parent/child rights under the Child Citizenship Act of 2000
• Addressing incomplete adoptions under IR-4 visas
• Preparation of N-600 and N-643 applications for Certificates of Citizenship
• Familiarization with US Citizenship & Immigration Services procedures
• Determination and impact of dual citizenship status
• Filing of petitions [with all necessary foreign document attachments such as notice of travel, affidavits of relinquishment, orphanage consent letters, Hague Adoption Certificates and/or IR-3 permanent resident alien cards] in any Tennessee chancery or circuit court for the re-adoption of an internationally adopted child pursuant to T.C.A. §36-1-106 and the submission of applications for reports of foreign birth to the Tennessee Department of Health, Office of Vital Records.

Mr. Krause has successfully accomplished international re-adoptions involving several countries, including China, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Russia and Ukraine.

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