Business and Contract Litigation

The attorneys at Brewer Krause Brooks Chastain & Meisner, PLLC handling these matters have years of experience defending companies in business and contract disputes. This practice area requires specialized knowledge and experience, and it is often the case that there is no insurance coverage for the entities and/or individuals involved in the dispute. Our attorneys strive to provide cost-effective, yet aggressive strategy to resolve the matter. Our attorneys have experience handling complex litigation in numerous types of disputes including:

Our attorneys strive to understand the desired goal of the client in order to best represent the position of the client in the context of the litigation. Some cases are meant to be resolved on a quick and reasonable basis. Other cases involving “bet the company” litigation require a more aggressive and comprehensive strategy for resolution. This type of litigation can be very stressful and difficult on businesses. For this reason, our attorneys strive to keep clients fully involved and up to date on the status of the litigation. Our attorneys work with clients to fine tune the defense strategy to fit the client’s needs.

Business and Contract Litigation cases may end up going to mediation, arbitration or trial. The attorneys at Brewer Krause Brooks Chastain & Meisner, PLLC who handle these matters have a significant amount of experience resolving cases using all of the available methods.

Attorneys in this Practice Area