Workers Compensation

Brewer Krause Brooks Chastain & Meisner, PLLC is prominent in the field of providing defense of workers’ compensation claims in Tennessee. The attorneys at Brewer Krause Brooks Chastain & Meisner, PLLC who handle these matters defend insurance companies, self-insured employers and insurance funds. In addition to defending these entities the firm often assists in the recovery of subrogation interests from third parties and funds to reduce exposure for its clients from the Tennessee Second Injury Fund.

Our attorneys have a significant amount of experience in resolving cases at mediation, which in Tennessee is through the benefit review process. The goal of every case is to resolve it on a reasonable basis with minimal cost and expense. However, the firm is also very aggressive in defending the difficult cases where there is a significant amount in controversy and the case is defensible. To that end, our attorneys have tried hundreds of cases and know how to handle workers’ compensation cases that reach that level.

Our attorneys are active in the Tennessee Self Insurer’s Association. The firm strives to assure its clients’ interests are considered and kept abreast of the ever changing landscape of workers’ compensation in the State of Tennessee. Client services otherwise include:

1. Complimentary seminars providing insight on the periodic changes in workers’ compensation tailored to the impact those changes have on the particular client.

2. Complimentary notifications on changes in the law accompanied, annually, by documentation or references providing insight on the changes in Tennessee workers’ compensation laws.

Also, we recognize that cost containment is a key consideration in providing defense of workers’ compensation claims. As a result, the attorneys at Brewer Krause Brooks Chastain & Meisner, PLLC who handle these matters use efficient staffing including extensive use of legal assistants to limit costs as appropriate.

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