Products Liability

Product liability claims can present one of the greatest challenges to companies, insurance carriers, and the attorneys who defend these claims. These claims typically consume considerable resources, both monetary and the time of company personnel. Complex issues often arise when multiple manufacturers, distributers and sellers are sued. The new statutory language adopted in Tennessee for product liability actions found in the Tennessee tort reform bill of 2011 changed the circumstances where a seller can be found liable for selling a defective product. This statute made it more difficult for a plaintiff to recover damages against a seller of a defective product in a product liability action. Nevertheless, it is expected that creative counsel for plaintiffs will continue to bring these claims against everyone in the chain of distribution.

The attorneys at Brewer Krause Brooks Chastain & Meisner, PLLC who handle these matters have decades of experience defending these kinds of claims and understand how to efficiently and effectively defend product liability cases. The right expert is often the key to a successful defense of these kinds of claims. We bring our experience to bear to find the right expert to assist in the defense of these claims.

We have represented a multitude of manufacturers and sellers of products who have found themselves embroiled in litigation. These claims have included products as varied as insulation, spray cans, tractor seats, trenchers, regulators, car seats, strollers, bikes, beauty products, and water heaters. No matter what kind of product, we have the experience and ability to provide an excellent defense in these complicated matters.